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Most Important Things to Keep in Mind while Paraphrasing

Looking for some useful rewrite paper to avoid plagiarism information to know? Paraphrasing is using your own words in recounting or expressing another person or writer’s ideas or message. The meaning and the ideas of the source are kept. But while the ideas have to come through, the words have to be your own.

Our summarizing and paraphrasing in UK services have come up with some useful paraphrasing tips on how to paraphrase your paper, so keep reading:

Paraphrase Sentence Online

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Do Not Paraphrase

  • Name
  • Language
  • Cohesive Devices
  • Dates
  • Specific Concepts

You Must Paraphrase

  • Descriptive Items
  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives

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7 Steps to Proper Paraphrasing

  • Fully understand the information
  • Jot down the keywords and phrases
  • Check the facts
  • Map out your paraphrase
  • Write
  • Exchange words
  • Cite

paraphrase sentence online service

Additional Tips on Paraphrasing

If you want to know how to paraphrase sentence online or any other part of the text, make sure you know all of the following tips for paraphrasing:

  • Read the passage, paragraph or story at least three times to ensure that you understand it thoroughly.
  • Set aside the original. Close the book or your browser. In short, keep the original aside so that you can focus on the task and write the main ideas using your words.
  • Do not simply change the words into their synonyms, a common mistake by students when paraphrasing.
  • If you find unfamiliar or hard to understand words, look into their meaning in a dictionary and try to understand carefully what these words mean in which the author has used them in the sentence.
  • Check your version against the original for accurate meaning. If you have observed that the wording in the paraphrased version is too close to that of the source, you may want to paraphrase again.
  • Cite the source of your information, along with the page number. Even if you have paraphrased, you still have to give proper credit to the source.

If you think you cannot paraphrase on your own and you need expert help, then don’t think twice getting our paraphrasing tips. Use only our website for the best results!