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Business Paraphrasing Secrets

business paraphrasing help

In the realm of business, communication is an integral part of the day-to-day running of activities. Indeed, eloquence and the ability to articulate fluently when conducting transactions certainly improves the chances of sealing the deal and creating financial prosperity for a business entity. This is why business paraphrasing is so important as well as paraphrase plagiarism.

Unfortunately, when it comes to written communication, not everyone has the lingo and wordplay to put their point across. And having your fair weight of words is important in this financial and economic jungle.

On the bright side, paraphrasing helps thousands of individuals every day to properly express themselves without stealing the intellectual property of others. As the name suggests, paraphrasing is the act of using different words to communicate a certain point across without altering the meaning of the said point.

What Type of Business Texts Can You Handle with Business Paraphrasing?

Business writing is a vast spectrum contained different sets of documents one can encounter. As such, it is important as a writer is on the know regarding these documents, and how to employ the right paraphrasing business English London tactics to accurately write each and every one.
Overall, there are four main categories of business texts to be analyzed:

Instructional Business Texts

When it comes to effectively disseminating instructions in the world of business, no document does it better than the instructional business text. This type of text comes with the objective of providing the reader with the right information to complete a specific task. The task in question might have to be completed immediately or might be scheduled for future completion.

A document of this nature usually deconstructs the whole process of task completion into a series of steps that the reader must follow to accomplish the task. Nevertheless, the reader must have some background regarding the area of expertise to properly navigate any potential problems that may arise during the execution of the task. The different types of texts that fall into this category include user manuals, document specifications, and memos which can mostly be rewritten using a paraphrase tool.

Informational Business Texts

Of note is that not every business document requires the undertaking of action after the reader absorbs the text. In fact, a large number of written documents in the business realm are usually kept for future business reference list by an institution. Albeit less glamorous than its contemporaries, informational business texts are important in financial and economic analysis.

Indeed, recording information in the business spectrum is vital in monitoring the progress of markets and predicting future trends that might result in a company’s financial success or downfall. The different texts in this category include reports, financials, and minutes of a meeting.

Persuasive Business Texts

Out of all the four categories, these types of texts win the popularity contest hands-down. Documents of this nature are usually tied to sales; and their goal is to entice the reader to directly or indirectly focus on a particular item or service.

The objective of this text is two-fold. On one hand, the document attempts to convince the reader that their product is the best in the market. On the other, the text provides detailed information regarding the features of the product and how it can be monumental to the consumer’s life. Texts that fall in this category include proposals, sales emails, and press releases.

Transactional Business Texts

And last but not least, we have transactional business texts. As we had stated earlier, communication is an integral part of business dealings. Otherwise, how else will two financial entities know a transaction has been completed without receiving information about it?

While most transaction texts are normally penned by email, other documents that can be shared include invoices, forms, or official letters from both parties. The goal of these documents is to provide information regarding the nature and progress of a transaction.

paraphrasing in business communication

How to Properly Paraphrase Business Texts

Why is paraphrasing an important skill? Well, now that we’ve analyzed some of the associated documents in the realm of business writing, it’s time to practice what we preach. How do we go about paraphrasing and summarizing in business research a text that: a) has been plagiarized, b) does not have the right formal tone, and c) has syntax and grammatical errors?

We will do so with the example below.

In 2017, the Stanford Center on Longevity analyzed 292 different retirement income strategies and determined the best way for most people to withdraw their savings. It’s called the “spend safely in retirement strategy” (SSiRS) and involves two basic components: delaying Social Security benefits and creating an “automatic retirement paycheck.” (excerpt borrowed from marketwatch.com)

Here is a 100% plagiarism-free paraphrased text:

To determine an ideal method for retirees to access their retirement funds, a study was conducted by the Stanford Center on Longevity in 2017 to analyze some of the most common income policies in the market. The study dubbed SSiRS (Spend Safely in retirement strategy) was divided into two primary categories; the first was the conception of an automatic retirement paycheck while the second being the postponement of accessing the benefits of Social Security by retirees.

How To Steer Clear From Plagiarism With Paraphrasing

Plagiarism is a major problem facing many writers especially in the realm of business today. With so many business proposals, texts, and guides being written every hour, how do you write an authentic document that steers clear from potential lawsuits and accusations of intellectual theft?
This is where paraphrasing in business communication comes in. Here are some of the ways you can avoid the lethal bullet that is plagiarism

  • Reword your content. By rewriting your content differently, you can avoid plagiarizing text while still maintaining the meaning of your content.
  • Cite your sources. After borrowing ideas and rewriting text from other sources, always include citations in your document to give credit where credit is due.
  • Quote text. Additionally, when borrowing content from other sources (especially phrases from other individuals) ensure to quote them and link back to the original source.

business paraphrasing

The Benefits of Accessing a Professional Service for Paraphrasing

Here are some of the benefits of accessing a business article rewriter UK in paraphrasing services UK to paraphrase your business texts for you:

  • Professional rewording of text. Your text will be reworded accurately to prevent any instances of plagiarism in your content using the latest paraphrasing tool for business. Not only will the content maintain its original meaning, but make sense in terms of sentence structure.
  • Proofreading and editing. The document will also be edited and proofread to eliminate any errors before being delivered to your email
  • Correct citations and credit to your sources. Any information borrowed from source material will be correctly cited to prevent the repercussions of intellectual theft and paraphrase plagiarism.

If you’d like to have professional assistance with business paraphrasing, get in touch with our comprehensive paraphrasing services UK today to get professional help!