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Reword Sentences to Avoid Plagiarism

When you look for how to change the source meaning, you are trying to plagiarism avoid. But before you learn about this case, it’s important to understand that what constitutes plagiarizing.

Let’s try to define it in a few different ways:

  • When a person copies work of the other person, without mentioning his name is called as the full copy-paste text, which is a very serious offence.
  • Making just a few changing but keeping the original idea and sentence structure the same is also called piracy.
  • Collecting information from different sources and presented it as one document is also constituted as copying.
  • Writing someone else words without putting quotation marks.
  • Copying artwork and presenting it as his own.
  • If you are copying your own previous work.
  • Copy content other than text, like pictures, videos, diagrams, charts, and tables is also the kind of this process..

Why Is It so Important to Change Words to Avoid Plagiarism?

It is obvious to find our a website to avoid plagiarism. Many people ask: Why it’s important to write unique content? It is important because it strengthens your credibility as a writer and researcher. It gives the due respect to the creator of an idea or piece of writing and it’s is important because you get an identity in academic circles.

If different authors will write the same idea, readers will never get to know about the original author and he will not be able to get due respect and other benefits associated with putting up great content. That is why it is critical to avoid plagiarism in your papers.

The Common Types

You should have a clear idea about the common types of plagiarizing. There are many types and forms of copying texts but some common ones are as follows.

  • Direct. It is the most common and clear form. In this form, a part of the content of someone’s work is copied exactly, without putting quotation marks. Reword sentences to avoid plagiarism is not done in this case and someone else work is used exactly.
  • Mosaic. When a student keeps the sentence structure the same, but make a few changes in the content like replacing synonyms.
  • Self-plagiarism. Usually this is not considered as copying someone’s idea, but actually it is also a form of plagiary. In this type, a person uses his previously published work again or mix the previous work with new work. Usually, students do it by submitting the same assignments in different classes.
  • Accidental. When an author does not cite the source due to his carelessness, this falls in the category of accidental content stealing. Moreover, if you paraphrase to avoid plagiarism, you might rephrase it as someone else has already written the same content.

The Biggest Stories on Content Stealing

Here are a few stories from the different fields, which you will find interesting:


rewrite to avoid plagiarism UK

  • A famous writer and historian, Stephen Ambrose, wrote a book with the title “The Wild Blue: The men and boys who flew the B – 24s Over Germany”. However, after publishing the book Stephen faced huge criticism as many passages in his book was copied from the book of Thomas Childers, who is a history professor in University of Pennsylvania. After being criticized, Stephen apologized and he promised to put quotation marks. However, after further investigation, it was found that his other books also contain plagiarized content.
  • A Harvard University student, Kaavya Viswanathan, wrote a novel “How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life”. She was an undergraduate student and was very appreciated for her writing abilities. But later, it was found that her work was copied from the two books of Megan McCafferty, named “Sloppy Firsts” and “Second Helpings”. After that, all copies of Kaavya’s book were destroyed by the publisher and she lost the contract too.


  • plagiarism rewording LondonThe music industry is also full of authorship scandals. A famous singer, Britney Spears, also faced such allegations in 2005. She was accused of stealing the lyrics and composition of the song named “Sometimes”. Steve Wallace filed a case against her saying that he is the original writer and composer of the song. However, the case was dismissed as due to insufficient evidence against Spears. Spears copywrite the song in 1999, but Steve copywrite it in 2003. So, he got no settlement for that.
  • Beatles is a famous band. George Harrison is the songwriter and lead guitarist. Chiffons filed a case against him. According to him, his song” He’s So fine” was copied by the George. This was not intentional, but George was asked to pay $587,000 to Chiffons.
  • Love is wonderful thing” is a famous song of Michael Bolton. He was accused of plagiarizing this song, as it was having resemblance with the song of Isley Brother. Due to this Copyright infringement, Michael Bolton and the music copy had to pay $5.4 million to the Isley.

rewrite my essay United KingdomJournalists

  • Lisa Rein is a famous reporter in US. She accepted in 2016, that she copied the content for her stories due to shortage of time. She apologized for her actions, although no action was taken against her.
  • A New York Times journalist, Jayson Blair was accused of plagiarizing in 2003. The authorities discovered that he has copied the content for his many articles. Not only the Blair but other executives of the newspaper were forced to leave their jobs.

reword to avoid plagiarism Great BritainAcademics

  • Mustapha Marrouchi was a professor at the University of Nevada. He was accused of piracy for many papers and articles he wrote. He wrote 26 papers and plagiarized content was present in 23 of them. On the basis of strong pieces of evidence, he was fired from his job.
  • On the other hand, a student filed a case against his teacher. Shahid Azam was working as professor in the University of Regina when his student Arjun Paul filed a case against him. According to the student, the teacher plagiarize his thesis to publish a paper in a renowned journal.

reword my text EnglandStudents

  • A student, Amanda Serpico, face the allegations of copy-paste. She was writing her final paper on gay marriage laws. But some parts of her paper were found to be copied from the other papers. The university found her guilty in it and she was failed in the course. That shows the importance of making a document original.
  • Allison Routman was a student at Ohio university. She wrote a paper, but teachers found that the paper was having segments from the famous websites. She was found guilty for plagiarizing the paper and expelled from the university.

rewrite essay to avoid plagiarism LondonFamous People

  • A famous case is of Senator John Walsh. When he was a junior senator, he was accused of plagiarizing his masters’ thesis. After investigation, it was found that only 25% of his thesis is original is rest is copied from the other sources, which are either not cited or if cited proper citation and quotation marks are not used for them. Later, the college not only cancelled his degree, but his name was also removed from the plaque.
  • A vice chancellor of Delhi University, Deepak Pental, was accused of this. He faced the allegation of stealing the research work of his colleague. He was found guilty as he commit literary theft and was sent to jail. Although, his stay in jail was for a short period of time.
  • This is a sports-related case. When a famous sports journalist, Neil Harman, was accused of copying the content in his book. He was a tennis reporter and was found guilty. After that, he did not write an article for the London Times, the newspaper he was working for.

Different Consequences of Direct Borrowings to Know

If you didn’t success in finding the right avoid plagiarism website, you might have to face the serious consequences:

  • Consequences for students: Most of the universities, do not take serious actions against their students if they have no history of copying the content. Usually, they fail the students in the course. Depending on the code of conduct of the university, they might place the student on probation. However, if a student is found guilty of direct copying someone’s idea, he might be expelled from the university. Even after a student graduates from the university and he found guilty of it, his degree will be cancelled even after many years of graduation.
  • Consequences for academics and researchers: For researchers and academic scholars, such consequences are even more severe. It destroys their reputation completely. Sometimes they have to lose their job and position too. The Authorities take serious actions against them and they might have to pay heavy fines too. Journals ban such researchers to publish their articles and they got no financer for their research projects. Their degrees are cancelled due to plagiarized work. In short, they ruin their career with duplicate content results.
  • Consequences for professionals: Usually, the company for which they are working for fire them from their job and it puts a full stop on their career. For professionals, it’s difficult to find another job in this situation as this label stick to them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes professionals have a pay a huge amount as punishment and they are asked to admit their fault publicly.

10 Useful Tips on How to Avoid Plagiarism

Here are some tips for you, which will help you to change words to avoid plagiarism:

  • The first tip is to read the entire text before you start rewording. It will give you a clear idea that what is the main focus of the document. You can take notes or underline important points, which should not be missed.
  • When you rewrite, don’t do in the order sentence by sentence, rather read a complete paragraph first, understand it and write in your own words.
  • Don’t synonyms in the sentence, rather change the sentence completely.
  • Don’t make spelling mistakes.
  • If it’s necessary to quote a sentence, use quotation marks properly.
  • You can change the length of the document. A rewritten document can be longer or shorter than the original one.
  • Make sure you have not missed any important idea.
  • Make it clearly, don’t write ambiguous sentences.
  • Review your document again and make sure the sentence structure is good.
  • Cite the references properly, if you have quoted from the source.

What Universities Say about Cheat Writing

Universities take plagiary as a serious offence and take necessary actions against students and professors as well. Universities are concerned about the quality of the research and writing abilities of their students. Students are awarded “F” grades and they have to repeat the courses. In some serious cases, they are expelled from the universities. In the case of teachers, they face legal action as well. Teachers are asked to resign and cases are filed against them in courts too. In short, this kind of writing can ruin the career of the students and teachers, both.

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